Premier League

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Sun 08/09/2019  10:00Pre-season day and matchDean Close     
Sun 15/09/2019  New CambellAway51-35WIN 
Sun 29/09/2019  Leeds AtheticCheltenham Ladies College52-24WIN read match report
Sun 06/10/2019  OldhamAway52-58LOSSread match report
Sun 13/10/2019  GrangetownAway57-58LOSSread match report
Sun 27/10/2019  CumberlandCheltenham Ladies College48-47WIN read match report
Sun 03/11/2019  Turn fordAway64-59WIN read match report
Sun 10/11/2019  AcademyCheltenham Ladies College39-50LOSS
Sun 24/11/2019  Weston Park BladesCheltenham Ladies College61-58WIN read match report
Sun 01/12/2019  TamesideAway53-76LOSS
Sun 08/12/2019  New CambellCheltenham Ladies College58-61LOSSread match report
Sun 05/01/2020  Leeds AthleticAway42-38LOSS
Sun 12/01/2020  OldhamCheltenham Ladies College41-41DRAW
Sun 02/02/2020  GrangetownCheltenham Ladies College     
Sun 09/02/2020  CumberlandAway     
Sun 16/02/2020  TurnfordCheltenham Ladies College     
Sun 01/03/2020  AcademyAway     
Sun 08/03/2020  Weston Park BladesAway     
Sun 22/03/2020  TamesideCheltenham Ladies College     

Regional 1 - Hucclecote A - Stars

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Sat 14/09/2019  Team Jetsaway54-48LOSS
Sun 29/09/2019  Galmingtonaway54-45WIN 
Sun 06/10/2019  Premier Romansaway42-38LOSS
Sun 13/10/2019  WhitchurchCheltenham College50-39WIN read match report
Sun 27/10/2019  Exeter BCheltenham College50-44WIN 
Sun 03/11/2019  Team BathAway59-40WIN read match report
Sun 17/11/2019  AlmondsburyAway63-55WIN read match report
Sun 24/11/2019  Titans LightningAway59-34WIN read match report
Sun 01/12/2019  AquariansAway52-68LOSSread match report
Sun 15/12/2019  Reserve Date 1TBA     
Sun 05/01/2020  GalmingtonCheltenham College61-58WIN 
Sun 12/01/2020  Premier RomansCheltenham College     
Sun 02/02/2020  WhitchurchAway     
Sun 09/02/2020  Exeter BAway     
Sun 16/02/2020  Team Bath ACheltenham College     
Sun 01/03/2020  AlmondsburyCheltenham College     
Sun 08/03/2020  Titans LightningCheltenham College     
Sun 22/03/2020  AquariansCheltenham College     
Sun 29/03/2020  Reserve Date 2TBA     
Sun 05/04/2020  Reserve Date 3TBA     

Regional 2 - Hucclecote B - Comets

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Sat 14/09/2019  Carol AnneAway44-55LOSSread match report
Sat 28/09/2019  Team BathAway34-47LOSSread match report
Sat 05/10/2019  PooleHome58-53WIN 
Sat 12/10/2019  Challengers RocketsAway47-51LOSS
Sat 26/10/2019  Saints CornwallHome66-62WIN 
Sat 02/11/2019  Plymouth PilgrimsAway54-58LOSS
Sat 09/11/2019  PinehurstHome64-61WIN 
Sat 23/11/2019  MavericksAway44-61LOSS
Sat 30/11/2019  CrossbowHome68-44WIN 
Sat 04/01/2020  Tram Bath BHome75-54WIN 
Sat 11/01/2020  PooleAway42-62LOSS
Sat 01/02/2020  Challengers RocketsHome     
Sat 08/02/2020  Saints CornwallAway     
Sat 15/02/2020  Plymouth PilgrimsHome     
Sat 29/02/2020  PinehurstAway     
Sat 07/03/2020  MavericksHome     
Sat 21/03/2020  CrossbowAway     
Sat 28/03/2020  Carol AnneHome     
Sat 28/03/2020  Reserve Date 2     
Sat 04/04/2020  Reserve Date 3     

Glos League Premier Division Hurricanes

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Sat 07/09/2019  09:00TournamentsPlock Court     
Sat 14/09/2019  12:30Lightning Plock Court58-31WIN read match report
Sat 21/09/2019  12:30CirenPlock Court66-22WIN read match report
Sat 28/09/2019  09:30MaverickPlock Court82-32WIN read match report
Sat 12/10/2019  14:00Glos LadiesPlock Court64-38WIN read match report
Sat 19/10/2019  14:00SaintsPlock Court76-20WIN read match report
Sat 16/11/2019  09:30ChallengersPlock Court70-46WIN read match report
Sat 23/11/2019  15:30Randwick Plock Court64-45WIN read match report
Sat 30/11/2019  09:30Old CheltsPlock Court83-24WIN 
Sat 14/12/2019  09:30Knights Plock Court65-39WIN 
Sat 04/01/2020  12:30LightningPlock Court64-42WIN 
Sat 11/01/2020  11:00CirenPlock Court64-28WIN 
Sat 18/01/2020  11:00MavericksPlock Court73-38WIN 
Sat 01/02/2020  14:00Glos LadiesPlock Court     
Sat 08/02/2020  14:00Saints Plock Court     
Sat 29/02/2020  14:00ChallengersPlock Court     
Sat 07/03/2020  14:00RandwickPlock Court     
Sat 14/03/2020  11:00Old CheltsPlock Court     
Sat 28/03/2020  09:30Knights Plock Court     

Glos League Premier Division Lightning

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Sat 07/09/2019  TournamentPlock Court     
Sat 14/09/2019  12:30Hurricanes Plock Court31-58LOSSread match report
Sat 21/09/2019  11:00Glos LadiesPlock Court54-44WIN read match report
Sat 28/09/2019  14:00KnightsPlock Court43-37WIN read match report
Sat 12/10/2019  12:30CirenPlock Court44-24WIN read match report
Sat 19/10/2019  15:30ChallengersPlock Court45-51LOSSread match report
Sat 16/11/2019  14:00Randwick Plock Court52-47WIN read match report
Sat 23/11/2019  12:30SaintsPlock Court39-43LOSSread match report
Sat 30/11/2019  15:30MaverPlock Court35-57LOSS
Sat 14/12/2019  15:30Old CheltsPlock Court68-39WIN 
Sat 04/01/2020  12:30HurricanesPlock Court42-53LOSS
Sat 11/01/2020  12:30Glos Ladies Plock Court37-49LOSS
Sat 18/01/2020  14:00Knights Plock Court37-49LOSS
Sat 01/02/2020  12:30CirenPlock Court     
Sat 08/02/2020  15:30Challengers Plock Court     
Sat 29/02/2020  12:30Randwick Plock Court     
Sat 07/03/2020  12:30Saints Plock Court     
Sat 14/03/2020  15:30MaverPlock Court     
Sat 28/03/2020  14:00Old CheltsPlock Court     

Glos League Division 1 Storm

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Sat 07/09/2019  09:30TournamentPlock Court     
Sat 14/09/2019  09:30Challengers Plock Court28-18WIN read match report
Sat 21/09/2019  15:30United Plock Court41-39WIN read match report
Sat 28/09/2019  11:00Warriors Plock Court29-44LOSSread match report
Sat 12/10/2019  15:30Stroud Plock Court25-29LOSSread match report
Sat 19/10/2019  09:30Challengers JetsPlock Court34-37LOSSread match report
Sat 16/11/2019  11:00NomadsPlock Court36-29WIN read match report
Sat 23/11/2019  11:00ChurchdownPlock Court38-49LOSSread match report
Sat 30/11/2019  09:30Upton Plock Court53-43WIN 
Sat 14/12/2019  15:30SurvivorsPlock Court31-31DRAW
Sat 04/01/2020  09:30ChallengersPlock Court38-19WIN 
Sat 11/01/2020  09:30United Plock Court49-31WIN 
Sat 18/01/2020  09:30Warriors Plock Court42-44LOSS
Sat 01/02/2020  15:30StroudPlock Court     
Sat 08/02/2020  09:30Challengers Plock Court     
Sat 29/02/2020  09:30Nomads Plock Court     
Sat 07/03/2020  11:00ChurchdownPlock Court     
Sat 14/03/2020  11:00Upton Plock Court     
Sat 28/03/2020  14:00Survivors Plock Court     

Glos League Division 4 Thunder

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Sat 07/09/2019  TournamentPlock Court     
Sat 14/09/2019  13:30Stroud YMCA67-20WIN read match report
Sat 21/09/2019  13:30United Tommies 40-30WIN read match report
Sat 28/09/2019  13:30SurvivoursTommies ConcedWIN 
Sat 12/10/2019  12:00Challengers Tommies49-39WIN read match report
Sat 19/10/2019  10:30Moody Blues Tommies 53-36WIN 
Sat 16/11/2019  15:30FreestylersPlock Court50-40LOSSread match report
Sat 23/11/2019  14:00Chelt Ladies Plock Court63-31WIN 
Sat 30/11/2019  12:30Randwick Plock Court52-25WIN 
Sat 14/12/2019  11:00CirenPlock Court51-26WIN 
Sat 04/01/2020  Bye Plock Court     
Sat 11/01/2020  12:00Glos Ladies Tommies89-8WIN 
Sat 18/01/2020  11:00Challengers Plock Court54-29WIN 
Sat 01/02/2020  09:30ChurchPlock Court     
Sat 08/02/2020  09:30LydeanPlock Court     
Sat 29/02/2020  15:30ChurchdPlock Court     
Sat 07/03/2020  10:30Glos Ladies Tommies     
Sat 14/03/2020  09:30Seven Up Plock Court     

U16 Regional - Dragons

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U16 Panthers

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U16 Pumas

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U16 Lions

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U14 Regional - Flames

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U14 Firebirds

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U14 Firehawks

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U13 Jaguars

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U13 Leopards

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U13 Tigers

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U12 Eagles

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Sun 03/11/2019  Glos LadiesPlock court13-2WIN read match report

U12 Falcons

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Sun 03/11/2019  CirencesterPlock Court9-14LOSSread match report

U12 Kestrels

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Sun 03/11/2019  CirencesterPlock Court8-7WIN read match report
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