Hucclecote Dominate at County Seeding and County Cup

Hucclecote Dragons and Panthers made their mark in the annual Gloucestershire Seeding Tournament by taking the winners and runner up slots in style.  This will secure both teams a place in the South West Regional League Seeding Tournament where the aim will be to try andgain a top Division One placing or Division Two place.

Hucclecotes Dragons overall strength and depth showed as they took 5 from 5 victories winning with ease.   Dragon’s fielded new playersDarcey Scot and Hannah Howlboth of whom made their debut appearanceand played strongly. Dragons were untouchable and it was only their Panthers team who managed to secure a point from the game.

Another new player, Grace Cappell made her debut with the young Panthers squad and produced a very solid performance throughout.  With mainly U.15’s and a scattering of U.16 players, Panthers really stepped it up and were a force to reckoned with.

Dragons and Panthers fixtures saw them achieve the following results:-

Hucclecote DragonsHucclecote Panthers

V Cirencester Flames 24-3V Cirencester B 20=5

V Randwick A27-3V Old Chelts16-10

V Old Chelts A22-5V  Cirencester Flames19-11

V Hucclecote Panthers17-9V Hucclecote Dragons 9-17

V Cirencester B33-0V Randwick A25-7

Whilst the seeding tournament took place, Hucclecote had a 3rd team, Pumas, playing in the County league competition.  Puma’s under the watchful eye of Ella Powell Davies also performed very strongly and won 4 out of 5 games in their section taking them through to the semi-final placing.  They narrowly lost to Old Chelts B and then played off for 3rd and 4th position where they went on to beat Stroud to secure them 3rd place overall and a place in the first division of the Gloucestershire League. 


V Challengers Stars 12-9

V Stroud Kestrels 21-3

V Stroud Falcons 19-11

Semi Finals:

V Old Chelts 11-16 lost

V Stroud Falcons 10-7 won

This was an amazing start to Hucclecote U16s season . The future certainly looks promising with the following 3 players named as player of the tournament in each team.

Dragons: Hannah Howl   Panthers: Grace Cappell   Pumas: Olivia Moss


Dragons : Captain Harriet Sanderson, Vice Katya Jennings, Alex Baird, Darcey Scott, Olivia Garrard, Amy Cook, Meg Knight, Hannah Howl, Ellie Gabriel.

Panthers; Captain Connie Trendle, Vice Grace Cappell, Rose Dillon, Nadine Baird, Violet Little-Wollage, Natasha Young, Scarlett Jinks, Ilana Turner

Pumas: Captain Francesca Lundie , Beatrice Von Kindt Rohde, Lulu Brabbins, Evie Farrel, Macy Hamill, Olivia Moss, Molly Weatherley, Lucy Stocks , Maisie Taylor.