Storm had a real tough match this week, playing Stroud coming from Prem division last yr! 
This young team has so much talent , but just couldn`t get it together with the physical play & speed down court, at times Storm played so well Stroud couldn`t stop the flow , but these youngsters couldn`t keep it up! 
Even players played out of position held their own! 

This is the 2nd match of the season & just getting used to the difference of play from Bentham u16`s into the 1st division Glos league , it`s looking promising for the rest of the season .........
Player of the match goes to defence Connie & Carys

Sam Taylor , Connie Trendle, Tasha Young
Ilana Turner, Kate O’Toole, Georgia SmithMacy Hamil , Carys Churchill, Eliza Allsop
Georgie Palmer