Hucclecote 65 – Telstars 34


Prem had a score to settle in this match as the last time these two teams met Telstars got the better of HNC. In the brand new University of Gloucestershire Arena Hucclecote certainly had the wow factor on their side.


We wanted a strong first quarter to enable a solid lead to be gained early on. With the first target being to gain possession from Telstars centre pass, Ella P-D delivered by taking a clean interception off the oppositions 1st phase. This was quickly taken to goal and converted by Rosie Allison with both players gaining the credential of 1st turnover and 1stgoal in the new UoG Arena. Hucclecote continued to dominate with Sam Cook taking out Telstars strong dominant shooter with impressive elevation and smart defending. End of quarter score 18 – 7


The second quarter continued in a similar fashion. Eleanor Roberts looked confident in at GS, netting an impressive 14/15 attempts. Half time score 37 -12.


The third quarter allowed HNC to try new combinations. Clare Jones took on the C role whilst Anna Lebe continued to impress with her accurate feeds into the circle. However Telstars introduced their young GA who made a positive impact for them. Her strong angles and accurate shooting saw them have their best quarter yet taking the quarter by 1 goal. Quarter score 12 -13 to Telstars. Overall score 49 - 25


HNC had, as planned, won the game in the first half. They just needed to have a steady final 15 minutes to close out the game. To maintain focus we tried to deny Telstars getting the point by achieving half. They were hungry for their point and pushed us until the final whistle. Final score 65 – 34


Squad: R. Allison, P. Reed, E.Roberts, A. Lebe, S. Adams, C. Jones, L. Jones, E. Powell-Davies, S. Cook (C), K. Hull