Hucclecote Regional 1 Stars2018/19 Season

Hucclecote Stars Vs Carole Anne – 7th October 2018


The third game of the season for this newly formed Regional 1 was in Devon against Carole AnneFollowing last week’s fantastic game coached by Gilly and Sue, the main feedback for improvement was to look at our unforced errors. This was a whole squad target for the first quarter alongside; an early goal line press, shooters to work the ball into a comfortable shooting position with support from the WA/C’s around the circle edge; WD/C’s to work to force the opposition high to force a long feed to allow maximum time and opportunity for a turnover; and GD/GK to try and force the attacker into the other defender to help maximize chances of regained possession.


The starting lineup was Katie at GS, Jane at GA, Helen 1 at WA, Emma at C, Bryony at WD, Harriet at GD and Kellie at GK. Hucclecote began the game with maximum intensity and took an early 7-0 lead. What a start! With strong defensive pressure, Hucclecote forced almost every centre pass back to their WD and the GS who even though had height to her advantage, repeatedly came out to the top of the D to get the second phase ball as Hucclecote successfully closed off the other options. At quarter time we decided to work this set up to our advantage. Harriet and Bryony were tasked to take an early defensive set up and force both the WA and GA on the right hand side of the court at a centre pass, with Bryony sitting on the outside closest to the middle channel. When the ball would inevitably go back to the WD (as the GD had still not offered), Bryony was to drop back to prevent or intercept the ball to the top of the D to the GSThis had an immediate impact with Hucclecote turning the ball at regular intervals and causing the Carole Anne to feel restricted of options. Hucclecote continued to dictate the play and in the first half alone, 12 clean interceptions were made. 

The knock on effect to this for Hucclecote, was that our transition after we regained possession was at times careless where players were not given time to reposition and make a good offer. This resulted in a somewhat muddled attack at times, which forced our error rate to creep up with some unnecessary poor passes. Although the work rate was exceptional, we found our options in the attack were confined primarily to one channel, therefore limiting advantageous shooter options

At half time Hucclecote had a comfortable lead at 33-18 with excellent shooting from both Katie and Jane. Helen 2 moved from WA to C and linked with Helen 1 back at WA and Hannah came on to GA to work with Katie at GS. The third quarter was our strongest attacking quarter, scoring a total of 20 goals, however defensively this was our weakest quarter of the game so far, despite 10 tips and 1 clean interception. In this quarter weconceding 15 goals as opposed to 9 in the second quarter and 10 in the first quarter. 

Our last quarter we needed more focus on GK/GD switches with the shooter now opting for the back space option, therefore Harriet was tasked to try to force her GA to make a goal line run so that any high ball to the shooter would be prevented or intercepted and to react to Kellie’s call for any switches in the D. In attack our focus was to try and get the centre pass in the middle channel and to get depth on the second phase. We also as a squad were aiming to build goals in runs of three, something we only managed once in the first game of the season. Jane back on as GA with Hannah as GS was asked to vary her entry point in the D to allow the top pocket to be free for C/WA to help with shooter rotation.

An excellent last quarter was displayed with Hucclecote scoring 19 goals and securing three “runs of three.”

The final score was 73-46, a fantastic display of netball with exceptional defensive pressure from all players but a mention must go to the fantastic unit work by Kellie and Harriet in the circle. Shooting also needs a particular mention with (according to the stats sheet), only 3 missed shots in the whole game. 


Players Player: Harriet and Katie

Coaches Player: Katie

Oppositions Player: Katie


Final Score: 73-46