U13 Match Report – 14/10/18. 


The U13’s had their pre-season tournament on the 14/10/18 with all 3 squads playing really well across the whole day. None of the squads had played a full game together before the tournament so I was extremely proud of the way they performed on the court but also how they conducted themselves off the court. 

Jaguars managed to win 4/5 of their games putting them in Division 1 and coming second in their group, behind a strong Randwick side, leading to a brilliant last game against the side. My player for the day for her awesome defence and persistence on court has to go to Freija Widdowson Kendal. 

Leopards won 4/5 of their games and also finishing in second place in the blue group. They have also made it through to Division 1 for the upcoming season and my player for that team went to Holly Done for her calmness in the midcourt and her lovely feeds. 

Finally, the Tigers drew 1 of their games throughout the day but with a shortage of available players and ending the day with bare 7 we saw a strong and feisty team that all supported one another for the whole of the tournament. They played some great netball all down court. My players went to Ashlee Stevens and Freya Radley who played awesomely in the midcourt. 

I am very excited for the rest of the season and to see these girls become stronger netballers. 


Jaguars = Leopards = Tigers =

Lucy Smith (Captain) Lara Hill (Captain)Fleur White (Captain)

Eva WhitmoreEmily CoxFreya Radley

Erin YoungLexie BaillieAshlee Stevens

Jasmine MarshallHolly DoneMaddie Elliott

Ella TaylorDaisy SeabrightRhiannon Buplin

Izzy BeardPoppy WalbySmithMartha Cook

Ruby Newman Alice TomblinMaya Chathley

Lexie CollierAutumn ConnorScarlett Dreezer

Freija Widdowson KendalEloise Jones

Serena Matthews