Hucclecote Stars Vs Premier Romans – 21st October 2018


This week was a home game for HNC Stars vs Premier Romans where we had the luxury of a full squad. Training this week had focused on our options on our attacking centre pass with targets of ensuring an early set up; confidence to let the ball go; keeping the court balanced on the second / third phase; and to offer lateral back up. The starting lineup consisted of Kellie at GK, Harriet at GD, Helen 2 at WD, Emma at C, Helen 1 at WA, Hannah at GA and Izzy at GS. From the offset HNC set the intensity and dominated the quarter with well-timed movements and early ball delivery. Although electric to watch, our aim for fluency did compromise discipline at times, with a total of 9 unforced errors, mostly when attempting to feed our shooter. However due to the defensive pressure throughout court alongside strong rebounding this did not put us in danger of losing our lead but it was compromising our fluency, trust and potential score line. The unforced errors often came about after regained possession where HNC were playing at such high speed, which impacted on decision. This combined with a little too much freedom from the opposition, allowed us to waste possession and opportunity at goal

A target for the second quarter was to ensure that any regained possession resulted in either a fast first ball out followed by a discipline hold, or vice versa. Kellie and Harriet were tasked with their circle defense with Kellie taking ownership of communicating when Harriet should drop or stick, with the main focus to not expose the front ball option into the D. Following the first quarter, the opposition shooter had recognized that a different strategy was needed and began to draw out of the circle and become a much more mobile shooter, causing HNC a few more problems. In attack Jane came on to join Izzy and tomaintain discipline in any feeds, but to also work herself in to shoot in a comfortable position. At half time the score was 53-31, HNC had improved from scoring 10 to 13 goals, but conceded 14 as opposed to 8 in the first quarter.


In the third quarter Izzy came on as GK and took two early turnovers and Mitzi came in to C. A particular focus now was to put pressure on the first phase of the opposition’s centre pass. HNC had been very effective with the second phase but this was as a result in allowing the first ball out. This quarter HNC worked hard to make life difficult and it was visible that our defence were hunting to make a steal. The first centre pass for Romans, was taken by HNC. A great start sadly followed by a wobbly five minutes of over enthusiastic play but HNC soon demonstrated how experience could help players regain control and discipline.

The final quarter saw Hannah come back in as GA, Emma on the WA, Izzy onto WD and Kellie back on at GK. Building momentum when the opposition was deflated was now key, with fresh legs to penetrate through court. An exceptional last quarter was had with Romans’ noticeably losing their confidence and drive but with HNC continuing to push on and score. 27 goals in total was scored this total by HNC and a reduction in poor passes meant that the squad had finished the game with flare and style

Fantastic shooting was displayed by all three shooters again in this match, however a particular mention must go to Izzy for netting 57/58 in this game. The final score was 69-42A particular positive was also our centre passes as HNC offered variety, creativity and had the confidence in one another to let the ball go early. A huge attacking improvement from the previous match where this had caused a few problems. A fantastic exhibition of netball and a highly enjoyable match to spectate.

Players Player: Izzy E

Coaches Player: Izzy E

Final Score: 69-42