Huccleote 63 – Cumberland 29


Hucclecote had prepared themselves for a tough game against second in the league Cumberland. HNC started well with a quick 4 goal run. Cumberland struggled to get into the game has HNC successfully shutdown their attacking drives towards their goal. By the end of the quarter HNC had secured a 16 – 5 lead.


Going into the second quarter Cote looked to reduce their own unforced errors but continue to give variety on their own Cpset up. This proved successful as we immediately had a nine goal surge pushing the score to 26 – 7. By half time this had increased to 35 – 10


For the third quarter new combinations were used and this allowed Eleanor Roberts and Beth Gabriel to work together in the shooting circle. Cumberland quickly recognised that the change in combinations were taking HNC a little time to settle. Along with some errors through court  Cumberland managed to close the gap slightly.


The target was now to produce a clinical last quarter and to deny Cumberland a point. With Chloe Cubello growing in confidence with each game, her partnership with Sam Cookin the circle produced some great turnovers. With support from Lydia Jones at WD these were taken through to goal. Our errors were down and turnovers up which just allowed HNC to deny Cumberland the point.


Squad:R.AllisonP.ReedB.GabrielE.RobertsS.O’DwyerA.LebeS.AdamsC.Jones, L. Jones, C. Cubello, E. Powell-Davies, S. Cook ©