Hucclecote 50 – The Downs 43


A welcomed home game for Prem saw them take on mid table The Downs. The first quarter was very close with The Downs shooters netting 11/13 shots. Hucclecote worked hard in defence picking up 5 clean intercepts. 2 of these were converted giving HNC the quarter 14 – 11. 


Changes to Hucclecote saw Paige Reed to GA. The Downs came out hard and took two consecutive goals closing the gap to 1. Cote responded to this quickly and moved the ball through court with speed and clinical execution. This gained momentum and HNC were rewarded with a strong 5 goal run putting them back in control. HT score was 28 – 21.


More changes at halftime saw Lydia Jones at WD and Clare Jones move to C. Lydia worked hard on The Downs WA immediately taking two impressive intercepts and supporting well through court. However not to be out done The Downs gave Cote a taste of their own medicine by putting their own 5 goal run on the home side. This brought the score to 32 – 29 and suddenly the momentum had shifted in The Downs favour. Some critically timed jumps from Sam Cook created two crucial rebounds which Cote converted. The gap increased slightly to 39 – 33 at the end of Q3.


Last quarter was, as previous games, about closing out the game. The Downs were confident having pushed HNC throughout the whole game. Final changes saw Lauren Brooks back to C. The first 5 minutes went goal for goal but then the HNC defence showed grit picking off feeds into the shooters. This pressure saw some uncharacteristic missed shots from The Downs which now allowed Cote a well worked for 6 goal run. Mid quarter changes saw O’Dwyerback to WA. With a 12 goal lead you would think that was job done. The Downs put in one final fight with a strong last 3 minutes. Thankfully the hard work paid off and HNC finished with another 5 point but The Downs made them work until the final whistle.


Squad: R. Allison, P.Reed, B. Gabriel, A Lebe, S. O’Dwyer, C. Jones, L. Jones, C. Cubello, E. Powell-Davies, S. Cook


Shooting: 50/61 = 82%

Opposition Player – Lauren Brooks