Hucclecote Stars Vs Galmington – 4th November 2018

Following a Friday night training session with Regional 2, Stars had prepared well working on their discipline from prescriptive to instinctive play, with a particular focus on reducing our error rate through court. 

This week Stars travelled with 8 players to Taunton to take on Galmington and got off to a positive start. Both teams were playing at a higher intensity level and demonstrating a very fast paced game. This was an opportunity for Stars to put into practice the work from training by demonstrating control after a succession of fast paced passes, or multiple long passes.Towards the end of the first quarter, Harriet called time due to a head injury which resulted in a change in line up. 

At the break time we reminded ourselves of not being afraid to hold the ball after regained possession to allow players to resetand work the ball sensibly through court. Discussions also formed regarding the agility of the shooters who were very mobile and offering a front option as they had recognised lifted ball would get intercepted. 

With only 8 players, at quarter time after assessing Harriet’s injury the players went back on ready to build on their lead but had an unsettled startGalmington came out faster and the noise from their 8th player was definitely having an impact on the mentality of HNC players. Although HNC were in the lead, the momentum felt like it was with GalmingtonHucclecote were tasked to block out the noise and work on runs of goals to maintain focus. A worrying few minutes tipped Galmington to take control of the game and put Hucclecote under pressure with the score line closing rapidly and a few wild passes creeping in from Stars. Momentum continued to build with Galmington and the tempo of the game also increased. Hucclecote were in danger of falling behind.

Some changes were made throughout the second half of the game to try to encourage stability and to disrupt Galmington’sflow and although the score was incredidibly close at time, Hucclecote’s mental strength and experience came through as they extended their lead back into a comfortable position and won the game 56-46. This game highlighted the danger of travelling with only 8 players as limited options were available for restructure and variety. 


Final Score: 56-46