Hucclecote Stars Vs – Almondsbury 12th November 2018

This week Hucclecote enjoyed a home game against Almondsbury. A big squad this week with 4 shooters meant that plenty of options were available, however we were missing captain Helen.

Following a difficult match last week, today’s game was about building connections, confidence and stability. Having had a training session against Stars on the Thursday, the squad began with confidence although this was also true of AlmonsburyHucclecote looked like a different squad to the week before, bringing the ball through calmly, with excellent control and patience and secure circle edge feeds.

The first quarter saw goal to goal at both ends, but Hucclecotelost possession in the attacking through a succession of unforced errors, which meant by quarter time we were leading by just one goal. We had identified that their shooter was the player causing the damage into the D so Kelly was asked to try and force her out and see if we could dictate the GA to shoot. 

Jane came into GA with Izzy already on the court as goal shooter and the change of dynamic unsettled Almondsbury’sdefenceAlthough we went down initially by 3 goals, Hucclecote’s determination and mental strength kept the game in contention. Bryony came on to WD to force the WA high and the defensive unit were tasked to delay the ball into the D from a centre pass in order to put the shot under more pressure. The first centre pass took Almondsbury 8 passes for the ball to get into the D, and was followed by a missed shot. A great start to the taskA fantastic second quarter saw Hucclecote come from behind to extend the lead to 28-21.

The third quarter Helen came into the middle and Hannah came on to Goal Shooter. This was an excellent quarter with excellent circle rotation which built momentum. Harriet’s effective dictation allowed Kelly to pick off a number of balls into the circle which were converted and Huccecote began seeing goals scored in multiple numbers. The quarter ended 46-32.

The final quarter Katie came back onto GA and Emma back into the middle. A muddled start allowed Almonsdsbury to start capitalizing on our mistakes and for the first time in the game, Hucclecote looked under serious pressure. A timeout called allowed for a change of combinations to help resettle the squad. Following this superb piece of shooter to shooter work was visible between Hannah and Katie which rebuilt Hucclecote’sconfidence. Hucclecote finished the game 58-41.

Final Score: 58-41

Players player: Hannah Jeavons

Oppositions player: Jane Taylor

Coaches player: Kellie Hull