After Comets 1st win 2 weeks ago, confidence was high going into the game with Pinehurst. 
It was the visitors however who had the better start taking an early 5 goal lead 18-13.
Ga Emily converted 12/12 in the first Q with GS Meg finding it difficult to cope with a physical GK. 
At the other end the Pinehurst GS was really on form ( final stats of 100%  40/40.) 
The defence trio worked tirelessly to stop her but with precision feeds & the GA then converting accurately, Comets could not close the gap. 
Meg began to get the better of the GK once she was penalised for contact & obstruction, netting 24/29. 
Mid court there was some lovely play bringing the ball through court, but the odd passing & handling error was duly converted at the other end! 
Hannah in her first game for Comets made an impact at both Wd & GD, even though she passed the ball to the opposition twice! 
The kit was also red & black & was extremely confusing for a player who didn’t know her team mates well! 
Although Comets did turn ball & had chances to narrow the gap, on the day Pinehurst made fewer errors & any by Comets were punished with a goal. 

Players player - WD Kate
Opposition player- GA Emily
Squad: Meg, Emily, Ella, Georgie, Darcey, Kate, Hannah, Tee, Elhana.