Hucclecote Regional 1 Stars2018/19 Season

Hucclecote Stars Vs Exeter


This week saw HNC Stars take on top of the table Exeter who were yet to lose a point in the league. Our objectives were all focused around maintaining possession with our key areas being:

• Work early to create opportunity
• Attack last step onto the ball – expect contest/contact
• If they set a zone, drive through
• Vision down court first (turn outwards)
• Be willing to release the ball under pressure
• If it is congested and we need to clear, cleaer wide with open body position and re-enter the court with width


Stars warmed up well and were determined to work on the areas that had let us down the previous week against Bath by maintaining possession. A worrying start saw Exeter take the first centre pass off of us but Stars did not let this phase them as they were quick to regain possession. The first five minutes were outstanding with Stars taking a lead by a few goals, clearly surprising Exeter and forcing their error. The support for the shooters around the circle edge was strong and the back space pass into the D was also working as an option. Towards the end of the quarter a few rushed passages of play just enabled Exeter to creep back to a more reasonable score line, but it was clear Stars’ intensity was set for the match and finished the quarter with an exciting 15-12 lead. 


At quarter time we recognised that we needed to be quicker setting up our three foot mark over the ball, take our time setting the shot by either playing it in and out or using the full three seconds. Their GA was often making a baseline drive and then cutting forward so defensively players needed to be aware of this passage of play coming through Exeter’s attack. Exeter came out with intent and for the first time in the match, began toshow signs of dictating the play. Although Stars still were focused and working to task, there was a slight momentum shift creeping in. Stars recognised this and immediately refocused to ensure they were dictating and not chasing. Some fantastic netball was displayed by both teams in a well contested but clean match. Stars completed the quarter 27-25 up. 


At half time we talked about resetting the angle in the shooting D but also showing availability early, with a reminder on our focus to work early using the width of the court to create opportunity and for players to turn outwards to site goal early and have the confidence to release the ball under pressure. We still agreed we needed more defensive pressure on the first phase of the centre pass, which is something Exeter were challenging us with. Another exciting quarter but Exeter just nipped ahead by one goal leaving the score 42-41. This was the first point in the game where Exeter took the lead.


Again Stars showed their competitiveness and desire to win and had all the spectators on the edge of their seats as they regained the lead by a goal, with the game going goal to goal for a large proportion of the quarter. With just two minutes on the clock, Stars were leading by a goal with a centre pass in hand, an excellent position to be in. The ball went out and into the hands of one of the shooters who was under strong contest but attacked the ball and secured the pass. However the whistle went and the possession was awarded to Exeter for contact. Although clearly stunned, Stars endeavored to win the ball back but Exeter were clinical and scored with their centre pass in hand. A well excecuted centre pass allowed them level with just a minute left. Our centre pass, and again the ball went out into the hands of Stars but again the whistle went against us for causing contact. Exeter now delighted with their luck, again were able to take this to goal and put themselves back in the lead with 45 seconds remaining. A disappointing 45 seconds followed with Exeter scoring their centre pass and Stars although fighting back, were not able to respond to the situation and lost the game 54-51 in the dying moments Absolute credit to Exeter who stayed calm under pressure and capitalised on their opportunity and absolutely hard luck to Stars who looked to have the win until the last moments of the game.

Final Score: 54-51 to Exeter