Hucclecote Lightning has an uphill battle taking on Cirencester with only 6 players. 
The first Q was closely contested with all players working tirelessly to contain Cirencester.  
Grace & Ash in defence maintained pressure on Cirens GS who was doing the bulk of the shooting. With a player down in mid court Jenny & Halle had to work twice as hard to get the ball through court to Lightning’s shooters. Both Grace & Nadine linked well & both converted accurately. At half time they were only 6 goals adrift. 
Once the 2 missing players Abi & Grace had arrived & Lightning had a full team, they began to chip away at Cirencester`s lead. 
In the final few minutes Lightning had the chance to take the lead, but a couple of errors allowed Cirencester to snatch the win 46-43. 
It was a super effort by this team who managed to get the extra point from the narrow loss. 
Player of the match Halle