An early 10.00 start in Bristol v Mavericks saw the Comets squad on the M5 early on Saturday morning
The first Q was evenly matched with errors & missed shots on both sides Comets found themselves down 11-13. 
With a full squad of 10, changes were made in an attempt to disrupt Mavericks flow who were fast & physical through court. 
The changes didn’t impact that much & Mavericks stretched their lead to 9 by half time. 
A change in Comets at both ends at half time began to unsettle Mavericks play & with more shooting opportunities, Comets won the Q by 2, being 31-38 down with 15 mins to go. 
Comets dug deep, shots were nailed & the pressure got to the Mavericks shooters, missing 8 attempts! 
With minutes on the clock, Comets drew level, then were I up then 2!  In a nail biting finish it was with great composure that the 7 on court kept possession to hang onto a 1 goal lead! 45-44!!
This result consolidates Comets 4th place in the table. 
Squad: Meg, Emily, Alex, Ella, Nia, Katie, Georgie, Tee, Elhana & Hannah. 
Shooting stats:
Meg - 9/11
Emily - 31/38
Alex - 5/7
Players Player of the match - 
Joint Hannah & Tee
Opposition player - Hannah 
Coaches- all 10!!!!