South West Regional U.16 League 

Hucclecote 76 v Exeter 12

Taking on Exeter in their first game, it was great o welcome Violet Little-Woolage and Ellie Gabriel who were making their first appearances this season. With great support from Issy Eaton at GA and Nadine Baird at WA, Violet soon settled well netting 12/14 attempts in her first quarter on court.  Hucclecote’s pace and precision pace left Exeter standing and with Katie Pauling playing a strong game at GD and switching to GS for the final fitting earned her POM in a game where Dragons ran out winners 76-12.

Shooting: V. Little-Wollage 39/54 72%  Issy Eaton 9/11 82% Georgie Thorp 12/15 80% Katie Pauling 16/21 76%

POM: Katie Pauling

Squad: V. Little Wollage, I. Eaton, G. Thorp, K. Pauling, S. Winfield, N. Baird, N. Englefield, S. Jinks, E. Gabriel (V) H. Howl (Capt)

Hucclecote 57  V Bath Cougars 36

In their 2nd game against Bath Cougars, Dragons strategy was to take care of the ball and work on keeping the GA at bay. Their previous game saw Cougars come off the blocks at greater pace and this unsettled Dragons in the first quarter of their first game.  

Dragons did exactly this alongside working hard defensively, and their timing through to goal enabled them to storm the first quarter 17-10. Cougars never gave up and kept trying to come back however Dragons shooting prowess was too much for Cougars defence who couldn’t stop the ball from going inno matter what the combination , shooting conversions were high at 94%, 83% and 82% respectively.  Although Dragons ran out winners by 21 goals Cougars never gave up and worked tirelessly and this gap certainly didn’t feel this much.  Defensively Hucclecote pressed hard 1:1 in the circle, and with Captain Hannah Howl taking flyers and working hard on re-positioning to cut out opportunities this earned her POM.  The game was tight, physical and exactly what the Dragons needed to test them further.  Evie SD also umpired Dragons for the first time this season and as a young B Award did well under the pressure and heckles form the bench and the spectators. Hucclecote Dragons win of 57-36 was a real squad effort and one they should be proud of.

Shooting: Issy Eaton 33/35 94% Georgie Thorp 19/23 83% Katie Pauling 5/6 83%

POM: Hannah Howl

Squad:  I. Eaton,  G. Thorp, K. Pauling, M. Mathewson N. Baird, N. Englefield, S. Jinks, E. Gabriel (V) H. Howl (Capt)