Hucclecote Regional 1 Stars2018/19 Season

Hucclecote Stars Vs Aquarians – Sunday 6th January 2019


The first week back after Christmas saw HNC Stars take on Aquarians, who on the first meeting we drew to in the final moments so we knew this was going to be a tough game. An electric start saw HNC Stars take an immediate lead, force multiple errors and create a 7 point game. It was all looking too good to be true. 

After 7 minutes the tide began to change with Aquarians furiously closing the gap and restricting HNC’s opportunity. The shooting combination began causing problems with their strong connections and their inability to miss. By the end of the first quarter, as a result of one too many errors, disappointingly HNC had just a 1 goal lead with the momentum laying with Aquarians. 


The second quarter Aquarians built on this energy and before we knew it, it was Hucclecote who were now chasing the score line.  A change of defensive line up was implemented to try to restrict the GA, but still problems persisted and Aquarians confidence grew. Unforced errors started to creep into HNC’s play and the defensive pressure made shooting for HNC an even tougher task. 


By the third quarter some fresh legs joined the court but HNC struggled to cleanly turn the ball, although the ball was often forced off the back lineAttempts to be clinical and convert came rarely, which was not helped by the Aquarian’s GK who changed her strategy and made it exceptionally difficult for our shooters to secure a pass. Multiple attempts to deliver the ball into the shooting circle failed and some forced frustrated attempts were easily intercepted and converted to goal. Inability to feed the shooters was a new experience for this squad this season and attempts to problem solve led to visible frustration. 


The fourth quarter showed character in players that were able to maintain positive body language and work through the challenges on court. However, collectively the squad were unable to do enough to change the momentum of the game. 


A tough learning curve for all but with hope that the reflection will result in a positive impact going forwards.


Final Score: Aquarians 44, HNC Stars 33