Hucclecote Regional 1 Stars2018/19 Season

Hucclecote Stars Vs Crossbow – Sunday 13th January 


After a disappointment in the previous week, and with our captain Helen absent, HNC Stars were determined to rebuild and learn from the previous week. A lean 8 squad warmed up well and took the court with intent to perform. And perform they did!


The energy from all players was visible from the moment the first whistle blew, with the speed of ball making spectators and the bench needlessly nervous at times. It was a game with flare and style as HNC were able to really push the limits. 


Crossbow played hard but HNC’s mentality was to push on and on. There were moments where HNC’s timings was slightly too early and we relied on using the back space a great deal, however the goals kept coming. 


The squad had been eager to try the dice zone and the game lent itself to have a go – which is difficult when the squad do not get the opportunity to train together to practice! The first attempt saw HNC steal early possession and lifted confidence that the zone could be implemented more often. The players were quick to reflect and feedback to each other to try and tighten the pressure on the zone and this began to cause Crossbow problems. 


There were moments of pure brilliance within this game with lightning interceptions from the circle defence and effective transition all the way through court. Shooting was not a problem this week and the connections of passes from shooter to shooter were a joy to observe. It was a fantastic to watch this squad being able to enjoy the game, experiment with strategy without compromising performance. There was the “odd” lapse in concentration and some unforced errors at times which the squad know is essential to cut out for future games. 


A spectacular squad performance with a special well done to Katie for receiving players player and oppositions player. A fabulous score line with an equally stunning performance from all.


Final Score: Crossbow 38, HNC Stars 74