Hurricanes 44 v Lightning 30 
It`s always a hard match when you play your own club, this match was even harder , with players not available on both sides, both teams going out with 7, at the last minute Lightning only had 6, on came the super sub Stella as GS.,
It took a while for Lightning to get used to the new line up, this gave the chance of Hurricanes taking an early lead,  after the first qrt 7 ahead & Lightning had a chasing game! 
Although the Hurricanes were ahead the entire match, at one point Lightning were only 2/3 goals away , after having a run on goals.
Hurricanes stepped it up going down court they were slick & converted with ease, lightning did struggle down court but when they got it to the shooters they also converted! 
Hurricanes are still top of Prem with Lightning holding on to 2nd...
Lightning POM Stella ;) got to be coming out of retirement ! 
Stella, Nadine, Polly, Meg, Carys, Taylor, Ash.
Hurricanes POM Hallie :) 
Sarah, Anna, Hallie, Mia, Ellen, Ellie, Mouse .