Oldham 58 - HNC Prem 51 A quick turnaround on arrival saw HNC start tentatively. Oldham went hard and looked to take the early lead going 7 - 2 up. However, once they had settled and quickly recognised that patience was needed when feeding our shooters we got back to a 4 goal difference. The second Q was similar with some unforced errors which stopped Prem closing the gap. Changes at half time saw Captain, Paige Reed, come out to GA with Jane Taylor moving back to GS. Our attempts increased and we dominated the quarter taking it by 4 goals and bringing the scoreline to 42-37 (at one point we got within 3). This upset Oldham and they reverted back to the shooting combo of Manchester Thunder`s Amy Clinton and Kathryn Turner. Unfazed, our defensive duo of Ella Powell-Davies and Chloe Cubello worked tirelessly to turn ball and were unlucky with some umpire calls. HNC never let Oldham get out of reach and should be proud with the result today. Could we have won ? Possibly, but credit to the team who gave it everything and rattled the league champions even with some key players missing 😅💥 Well done to Ella Powell-Davies for getting POM