3 out of 3 for a Thunder this weekend.  A full squad of 10 took on Challengers yesterday which we knew was going to be our toughest challenge yet.  A steady start with Challengers 1 up at the end of the first quarter.  A few unforced errors early on were corrected and we were 2 up at the end of the 2nd quarter (19 to 18).  From them on everyone dug deep and even with changes we finished the 3rd quarter 3 up (31 to 28).  A couple of other changes, which to be honest I did have doubts about but thought everyone needs an opportunity to create partnerships and be able to link with each other.  It worked and we finished 49 to 39, Deya getting NP 😀. I think it was the incentive of having cup cakes for Millie’s 16th Birthday at the end .