HNC travelled to Turnford for another closely contested match. It is very clear that there are no `easy games` in Prem 1. The starting 7 of Allison, Reed, O`Dwyer, Hancock, Jones, Powell-Davies and Cubello started fiercely with the first CP taken to goal with speed and impeccable timing. This was repeated on turnovers and Cote quickly found themselves 4 - 1 up. However Turnford responded well. Their shooting combo of Chiara Semple and Sienna Rushton worked the ball well and were very accurate when in range. With no changes moving into the 2nd Q HNC maintained their hold on the game. The defensive work rate of Clare Jones was phenomenal and made Turnford WA Hannah Joseph work hard to get free. Jones`s tracking and commitment was rewarded with some great interceptions which were successfully moved through court to goal. By HT we had secured a 7 goal lead. Changes saw Shaunagh Craig replace Cubello at GK (who had made several intercepts) and Eleanor Roberts with Sarah Terese Adams move into GA and C. Turnford also made changes bringing Kat Short on at GS. This added height and the time taken to adjust in our attack allowed Turnford to make a 6 goal run firmly putting them back in the game. With only 2 goals between the two sides entering the last Q it looked like it could be another 1 goal thriller. Paige Reed returned to GA and HNC worked hard in every area of the court. Momentum shifted between both sides with Turnford taking the lead 56 - 52. Great vision from Craig saw her take a critical intercept right on the transverse line which HNC scored from. This lifted the team who then had the CP. With the scoreline drawing at 58 a piece HNC yet again proved they have the resilience and discipline to close out these `to the wire` games. A final 5 goal run put us firmly ahead 63 - 59. The final play was a penalty shot after the final whistle which Paige Reed confidently slotted home denying Turnford the all important extra point. Final score 64-59 maintaining 2nd position in the league.

Joint POM Rosie Allison & Ella Powell-Davies