Storm Started 19 Glos Ladies 16 - Storm 70 Glos Ladies 48

Storm had the first round of the Bateman on Saturday against Glos Ladies, only 4 goals apart in Storms favour, having players that normally play in other squads, this meant Storm were a little bit apprehensive & feeling the pressure before they even went on court, they all knew it was going to be a physical match, but they didnít have to worry the squad played on fire right from the start, with scoring 13 to 5 goals in the 1st qtr, took full control threw out the match, 2nd qtr Storm netted 13 to Glos Ladies 11, even though it was a really hard & physical match Storm never let it affect the play down court or in the shooting circle, 3rd qtr 13 again for Storm, Glos Ladies only 6, and by the last qtr 12 Ė 10. A great result by Storm they played a really intelligent match, kept calm & it paid off and won.

Shooting Stats

Kim 1 qtr .3/4 75%

Kellie 4 qtrs 34/43 79%

Sarah 3 qtrs 14/23 60%


1st qtr 32-21

2nd qtr 45-32

3rd qtr 58-38

4th qtr 70-48

Tips 21

Interceptions 11

Rebounds 12


Obstructions 17

Contact 10

Poor Pass 7

Players of the Match the SQUAD


Kellie, Sarah, Kim, Joey, Alix, Millie, Tegen, Tanya

On the side Stella & Gemma