Storm v Glos Ladies.
After the 1st qtr it was 7-7 so Storm needed to step it up a gear, 2nd qtr Storm found that gear & took control of the match 21 - 14 and never looked back, with tight marking from Storm defence this was the best Lydia & Millie played giving them both players of the match, forcing errors from the Glos Ladies attack, interceptions & tips were just coming from everywhere & taking care of the ball down court, with accurate passing in to the circle, Glos defence found it difficult to get any tips or interceptions. Storm were playing so well any combination didn't make a difference to the play on court, another win 42 - 27
Kellie, Kim, Gemma, Joey, Alix, Lydia B, Millie, Lydia J, & Stella
Kellie 32 - 50 64%
Kim 10 - 20 50%
Tips 45 :-)
Interceptions 15 :-)
Poor passes 18 WHAT!!!!!
Obstruction 6
Contact 4