Storm had 8 this week but a different line up & carrying illness, Alix taken for Lightening, Lydia J couldnít make it , Kim feeling below par with a cold & Millie a chest infection, also Gemma caring a knee injury.

Storm started very sluggish against Ciren B, only one goal up 1st qtr, seem to struggle this week didnít really have the flow, think it was so many poorly players & injuries, but by the 2nd qtr thanks to the defence with tips & interceptions & GS Kellie netting 11/13 they were in control just 20-13, having just found our rhythm the 3rd qtr was the best qtr of the match 31-16, which was just as well Storm had that lead because the 4th qtr went to pieces the attack just didnít work ( need to work on at training different comboís) Although Ciren won the last qtr, it just wasnít enough & Storm had another win 36-24

Shooting Stats

Kellie 8/11 11/13 7/12 3/5 = 71%

Kim 0/2 1/1 4/5 2/3 = 64%

Interceptions 23 WOW

Tips 27 WOW

Poor Passes 14

Player of the Match: Millie


Kellie, Kim, Gemma, Joey, Jodie, Lydia B, Millie, Tegen. & Stella still injured L