Saturdays match saw Storm only having 4 out of the normal squad due to injuries, illness, holidays & other commitments, starting with a different line up, Storm needed to play it safe until they got used to each other, 1st qtr 4 - 8 to Barnett, Barnett was up for a win, so was Storm , both team’s knew it was going to be a hard match, although Storm made errors but so did Barnett, 2nd qtr 12 - 19 Storm just couldn’t get a head, by the 3rd qtr 23 - 30, still 7 goals down. Stella on the side line after having a team chat changed the team around, first 5 minutes Storm just took control, goal after goal, tight on all down the court with numerous interceptions & tips from every Storm player, this was the best qtr Storm played, both teams were fighting for every ball, a real nail biter right to the end, Storm pulled the 7 goals back, could be any ones match, goal for goal Barnett scored right on the whistle 37 – 37 fantastic come back from Storm. Well played everyone...........

Player of the match goes to Alix Matthews, Kim Locklin & Kellie Hull.

Tips – 24

Interceptions - 15

Rebounds – 7

Total Positive 46 FANTASTIC J

Footwork – 1

Poor Pass – 11

Contact – 19

Obstruction – 5

Total Negative – 28 L

Shooting Stats:

Kellie 27/35 - 77%

Sarah 6/15 - 40%

Kim 4/6 - 66%



Player of the match goes to Alix Matthews, Kim Locklin & Kellie Hull. for the fantastic last qtr.

Kellie, Sarah, Kim, Alix, Lucy, Alex, Emma, Kay, & Stella on the side

Thanks for all the support from the side line J