Storm v Old Chelts

Storm had all the squad available this week, went out with 9.

Stella on the side as coach/captain still injured but hopeís to be back in January........

First qtr Old Chelts put pressure on Storm down court, made a few errors & poor passing didnít help, only up by one goal 11-12, Storm players had to change the pace of the game  & take control.

2nd qtr changed the team around & this seemed to work, donít know if it was the change or the telling off Stella gave everyone, but it worked seemed to step it up a gear, that was the best qtr for Storm, defence only letting 3 goals in & shooting circle converted 17.

Storm never looked back & dominated the match winning 52-27

Shooting Stats

Kellie 44/60 74%

Kim 7/12 58%

Interceptions 10

Tips Ė 19

Total Positives 29

Poor Passes 15

Obstruction 10

Contact 11

Negatives 36 not good guys


Player of the Match: Kellie Hull, for her dominating play & controlling the circle & of course her stats were great.................



Kellie, Kim, Alix, Joey, Lydia B, Lydia J, Millie, Gemma, Tegan & Stella.