Storm had a squad of 8 this week, Millie played for Lightning, and Rachael injured herself in training Thursday not sure if she could make a full match.

Storm knew if the squad they had, worked well they could win, but yet again had a real slow start 10-7 first qtr, Kellie netting 7/12 & Rachael 3/3 but needed to tighten up in defence, made changes in the 2nd qtr Rachael moved to GS, Kellie GA, Joey on at C, and circle defence switching, the mid court just didnít work for this qtr, footwork & poor passes started to creep in, although that was Storms worst qtr they were still ahead by 6 goals, making changes the 3rd qtr Storm went ahead & took control of the match, Stroud shooting was good but not enough to win the match & Storm won 46-36

Shooting Stats

Kellie 17/27 = 63% 3qrts

Rachael 23/25 = 92% - 3qrts

Kim 6/7 = 86% 2qtrs

Player of the Match Lydia Jones



Kellie, Rachael, Gemma, Kim, Lydia B, Joey, Lydia J, Tagen. Ė Stella