Having only 5 players available Friday afternoon Storm managed to scrape 7 players thank you for Harri for stepping in at the last minute, also Phillipia stepping up from Tornadoes they both had a great game.

Storm started well this week going ahead by 11 goals after the 1st qtr, in the 2nd qtr Nomads played a very tight marking game, blocking the GA attack out of the circle which meant that Kim needed to work harder to get in to the circle, also double marking on the GS Kellie needed to hold & move at the last minute, it didnít always work but by the end of the 2nd qtr it started to work,  Storm needed to keep passing the ball around , Gemma & Phil did a grand job keeping possession until a space came then straight into the circle timing the pass worked. In circle defence Millie & Harri had a great match as it was first time playing together they both had lots of interceptions & tips working with back up from Lydia B at WD.

The start of the 3rd qtr Stella said that every player needed to step it up a gear & everyone needed to get a tip or interception & put more pressure on Nomads, well by the end of that qtr everyone did just that, Storm won 47- 25 A great squad performance well done J

Shooting Stats 

Kellie 36/54 67%

Kim 11/25 44%


Player's of the match: Phillipa & Gemma for both working well in attack.



22 Tips

10 interceptions


12 Contacts  L

6 Obstructions

5 Poor Passes


Kellie, Kim, Gemma, Phillipa, Lydia B, Millie, Harri. & Stella J