Under 16’s played Team Bath in the regional round at home Sunday, the first qtr 17 – 5 every pass & movement down court, the timing feeding into the circle, was so fast & furious, Team Bath just couldn’t get in to the match this was the winning qtr, but this speed & play wasn’t to last, 5 minutes in to the 2nd qtr Lauren needed to come off feeling unwell, changing the team around changed the pace & the flow of the match, looked distjoined, making error after error after this qtr Hucclecote were still ahead 28 -15 only managed to win that qtr by one goal, this was the case with every qtr winning by one goal. The squad really need to tighten up the play error rate was getting higher as the match went on, with such a young team they need to get disciplined & stop the error rate getting into double figures, but saying that this team played some fantastic netball at times . They need to keep the pressure on like the first qtr through out the match & never look back.


Shooting Stats:

Kellie 33/49 67%

Hannah 13/15 87%

Sam 3/4 75%

15 Poor Passes, 28 Contacts & 20 Obstructions...... L

Player of the Match: Meg & Georgia


Kellie, Hannah, Meg, Georgia, Tara, Lauren, Becky C, Sam, Becky Mc

Coach: Stella Ben Hania

Team Manager: Sue Hull

Scorer: Tracie Hull

Thank you to all the supporters