Under 16's had the Regionalís this week end, we travelled all the way to Bristol took us ages half hour.

first match was Saints Cornwall, we knew this wasn't going to be easy as they had under 18's England player shooting & she didn't miss, we made it hard work with the timing not quite right going down court only 10 interceptions & tips throughout the match, 1st qrt 10-8 only 2 but we were ahead, after the 2nd qtr 5 ahead, but in the 3rd qtr had a 8 goal lead, we kept the lead & the final result 43-34
Shooting stats
Kellie 29/40 72.%
Hannah 14/17 82.%
Second match of the day was Poole this is always a tussle to the end of the match, the girls had an hour off with team shooting, so it was hard to get back in the zone, coach Ben Hania kept the team the same & right from the start it was goal for goal 1st qrt 4-5 to Poole, the girls needed to get every tip & interception, and  put pressure on Poole trying to make them do errors, 14 interceptions & tips in defence ,they were working hard first time balls going down court with every player needed to make two moves before converting, after a hard fought 2nd qtr 9-12 to Poole, the girls did a chant which normally done at the start of every match, but Ben Hania thought they needed some oomph going back on the 3rd qtr & one change at WD, Ben Hania knew it was a risky thing but something needed to be changed, at the end of that qtr we were still 2 goals down, having a team talk telling them to take care of every pass & discipline was needed, going on to the 4th qtr no changes made, all the supporters & players were shouting backing them all up, it was still going goal for goal, Poole made some errors & we converted.  It was level going with the centre passes, coach Ben Hania shouting to take it to goal with just 40 seconds to go Georgia at C, passed a long ball to Kellie at GS, this was the winning goal, Poole ran back to take the centre & the whistle went for time, the supporters , team, Coach even the other teams were going crazy , we had beaten Poole for the first time, 24-23 we celebrated like winning the tournament & we still had a match to go.
Shooting Stats
Kellie 8/16 50%
Hannah 16/21 64%
Exeter was our last match every player still on a high from the Poole match, they went on & played some really good netball 8-3 after the 1st qtr, after the 2nd qtr 19-4, this gave Ben Hania a chance to play the rest of the squad, also giving Sam Taylor ( cap) chance to get on after having broken her arm earlier on in the year, changing the team around didn't really make a difference & won that match 40-14
Shooting Stats
Kellie 18/26 69%
Hannah 24/25 96%

I would like to say the girls behaved brilliantly & it was a pleasure coaching them this weekend, thank you to Sue & Tracie Hull team managers , Lorraine for keeping all my notes, Katherine for the stats & BIG thank you to all the supporters it's great with you all there  ;-) & watching it makes a difference to the squad
Kellie, Hannah, Meg, Georgia, Tara, Lauren, Becky C, Becky Mc, Sam T(cap)Georgina, Rachel.
Coach Stella Ben Hania
Team Managers Sue & Tracie Hull