Hucclecote Lightening were missing a number of players for this match, Stella Ben Hania, Wendy Burgess, and Gemma Lott. Lilly Simmons came up from the Storm squad to help in the shooting circle and Naiomi Wilcock came down from the Hurricanes to help in defence.

The first half of the match was played well with Lightening holding a 7 goal lead. Lily Simmons at GS and Kat Honeywill at GA worked well together in the circle with excellent positioning and passing from Danni Goodenough at WA and Helen Werrell at C. No unforced errors were made with passes into the shooters which was unusual but great!

Lucy Werrell at WD had a good game keeping the pressure on Cheltenham Ladies WA and GD Naiomi Wilcock and GK Toni Lowery worked well in the circle together.

Shooting quality fell for Lightening's shooters in the 3rd quarter whilst Chelt Ladies got better which caused Lightening to loose their 7 goal lead and actually fall behind by 2 goals.

In the 4th quarter Lily and Kat were back to normal, getting most of their shots in, whilst Helen, Lucy and Danni played to keep the possession to use up time which helped stop Chelt Ladies score any more goals.

A deserved win, 37-36.