After 2 narrow losses in Prem Div1,  Hucclecote secured an emphatic win over New Cambell by almost 20 goals!

Hucclecote started confidently, establishing an early 5 goal lead with solid shooting by Flo Edwards (5/7) & Gemma Gray ( 7/7) During the second period, New Cambell began to find their form, winning the quarter by a goal & closing the gap to 6.

Neala Brennan at WA dominated the attacking third, firing some fantastic feeds into the shooters who put up 20 attempts in this quarter. Her performance today earning her player of the match.

Sarah Adams coming on at Centre, linked well with Brennan, driving to the circle edge to feed the shooters.

Once again, the dynamic duo at the back, Sam Perry & Sam Cook, turned numerous ball over - their partnership getting stronger with every game. In the third quarter, the visitors only managed to put up 6 attempts, converting 3!

Going into the final 15 minutes with the score at 36-19, Hucclecote were in dominant form. Laura Smith coming on for Kerry Walsh at WD, took over the task of closing down the WA.

Hucclecote continued to dominate & pulled away to a 53-26 scoreline.

Squad - Flo Edwards, Gemma Gray, Neala Brennan, Laura Smith, Kerry Walsh, Sam Cook, Sam Perry, Sarah Adams, Michelle Dowelle & Anna Howells Joll.

Shooting Stats - Edwards 32/46   &   Gray  22/25

Player of the match - Neala Brennan.