Hucclecote secured their 2nd win in the Premier league,by a comfortable margin of 28 goals. Initially, Cote took time to settle, with both shooters Flo Edwards & Gemma Gray, a little inconsistent in converting their shots. Hannah Jeavons at WA made a hestitant start, but by the 2nd quarter began to time her runs better, putting in some accurate feeds. A narrow 3 goal lead was established after 15 minutes.

A change mid court, with Laura Smith moving to WD & Kerry Walsh to Centre, had an immediate effect, with Cote beginning to dominate. With shooters Edwards & Gray, netting 15 shots between them to Leytons 4, Hucclecote stormed into a 26-12 lead.

With Leytons WA unable to run the circle edge, the dynamic duo at the back, Sam,s Cook & Perry, began to pick off the feeds into the Leyton shooters.

Half time saw Amy Goodwin take the court at GK making her debut at this level. Undaunted, she immediately took on the GS, taking 5 clean intercepts in the third quarter. A new GA on for Leyton was more effective than the starting GA & began to take on more of the shooting, netting 7/9, allowing Leyton back into the game.

The final 15, with Edwards & Gray swopping positions & Cook teaming up with Goodwin at the back, Hucclecote stepped up a gear & pulled away for an emphatic win 55 - 27.

Once again, it was a good performance from the whole squad, demonstrating their flexibility & depth.


Both coaches on the day gave player of the match to Amy Goodwin on a super debut for Hucclecote.


Squad; Flo Edwards, Gemma Gray, Hannah Jeavons, Laura Smith, Kerry Walsh, Sam Cook, Sam Perry & Amy Goodwin.


Shooting stats - Edwards - 32/44     74%       Gray - 23/30      77%