Hucclecote slipped to their 3rd successive defeat against a strong Academy side, full of Superleague & national players.

They started well, with new circle defence partnership, Amy Godwin & Sam Perry, forcing a number of errors & missed shots from the Academy shooters. Hucclecote shooters Flo Edwards & Gemma Gray struggled at times to split the defence of England nationals, Sonia McKloma & Naida Hutchinson, but when they did there was some slick movement & passing between the two.

Going into the 2nd quarter, only trailing by 4 goals, Hucclecote were still in contention. During the next period however, Academy began to dominate, particularly in their defence circle, restricting Gray & Edwards to only 7 attempts, of which only 3 were converted.

Trailing by 10 at half time, changes were made, bringing Hannh Jeavons on at GA & Lauren Brooks at C. This made an immediate impact, with youngster Jeavons taking on McKloma, netting 6/6 in the third quarter!

At the other end, Mavericks shooter, Vicklin Joseph, moved to her more customary GS role, where she was much more effective, netting 9/9 & 13/13. It was this accuracy which we couldn't contain & the damage that McKloma was doing at the other end, picking off feeds, which allowed Academy to pull away to a 21 goal win.

In the final 15, Hucclecote worked hard to keep within 50% of Academy's score to gain a point which may prove to be crucial later in the season.

Squad; Gemma Gray, Flo Edwards, Hannah Jeavons, Neala Brennan, Sarah Adams, Laura Smith, Lauren Brooks, Jack Gabriel ( capt) Sam Perry & Amy Godwin.

Shooting stats - Gray - 10/15   66%    Edwards  -  6/11   55%   Jeavons  -  9/9   100%

Player of the match - Hannah Jeavons