It was a valiant 2nd half performance that saw Hucclecote take the vital point they needed against top of the table Oldham on Sunday.

Oldham took an early lead, netting 15 from 18 attempts compared to Hucclecotes 8 from 10 by Flo Edwards & Gemma Gray.

A change in the shooting circle, bringing on Amy Godwin had little impact and with a number of unforced errors, Oldham increased their lead to 15. At this point it looked possible that oLdham would run away with the game!

Reverting back to Edwards & Gray in the shooting but in a switch of position, Kerry Walsh moving to WA and Clare Richards on at WD, Hucclecote immediately began to cut back the deficit. With Thunders Super League shooting duo being resticted to only 14 attempts, where they only converted 9, Hucclecote took the quarter 13-9!

Now only trailing by 11, Hucclecote began to play with confidence!

Oldham came back hard in the final 15minutes, but could only increase their lead by 3.


The final score of 54-40 will hopefully maintain Hucclecotes slight goal difference advantage over New Campbell, going into the last match of the season next Sunday.

Squad; Flo Edwards, Gemma Gray, Amy Godwin, Helen Edwards, Jack Gabriel, Kerry Walsh, Sam Perry Rosie Pretorious, Clare Richards.


Shooting Stats -- Edwards 21/30    70%  Gray 16/19  84%


                          Godwin  2/5   40%


Players of the match -- The shooters!