Hurricanes dominated this game with Hannah Evans at GS, netting 9/12 & Pollyanna Banyard 5/6 in the first quarter to establish a 15/9 lead. Tonia Donaghue was tenacious in defence tipping & turning numerous balls.

Introducing Betsy Willey at GS for the first time with this team, took a few minutes to settle, but once in her stride, converted 8/9, 10/11 & 10/10 giving her shooting stats of 93%. The speed of the mid court, Sam Hogg, Becky Vaughn & Katie Pickles left Park Ladies chasing most of the game. New comer Yasmin Falk demonstrated potential at GK, making a number of interceptions & rebounding well.

The final result of 50-25 was a reflection of Hurricanes dominance.

Shooting Stats - Hannah Evans 12/18 -67%

                           Pollyanna Banyard- 11/15 - 73%

                           Betsy Willey 28/30 - 93%

Player of the Match - Betsy Willey