Lightning totally dominated this match in all areas of the court as reflected in the scoreline. Both shooters netted their shots with ease & the height advantage Maisie Simmonds offered made it easier for the feeds to go straight in. At the other end Yasmin Falk & Millie Mather denied Parks shooters many opportunities, resticting them to only 6 attempts in the first quarter! Mid court, Katie Noonan, Kat Honeywill, Katie Lyons & Kim Locklin moved the ball at speed leaving Park at a loss how to contend. Errors were few & tips & intercepts prolific! Squad; Maisie Simmonds, Rachel Price, Kat Honeywill, Katie Noonan, Katie Lyons, Kim Locklin, Millie Mather & Yasmin Falk. Shooting Stats; Simmomds 41/53 - 77% Rachel Price 22/27 - 81% Player of the Match - Millie Mather