Hucclecote Lightning struggled to find their recent form against a tenacious Randwick side who had the advantage for most of the match.

Randwick established a 5 goal lead at the end of the first quarter, which Lightning couldn't quite close, even though they won the 2nd half by 3 goals.

The accuracy of the Randwick shooters who between them netted 16 from 19 in the first 15 mins is what gave them the edge early on.

During the 2nd quarter, GK Charlie Willis & GD Millie Mather, came alive denying Randwicks shooters of opportunities, resticting them to 14 attempts where they only managed to convert 6!

It was taking the ball through court, particularly the middle & attacking thirds, that let Lightning down. Very tight man to man marking by Randwick, made it extremely difficult for Kat Honeywill, Katie Lyons & Kim Locklin to get the ball through to the shooters.

During the 3rd & 4th quarters, with Lyons moving back to WD where she was more effective & Mather & Willis still turning ball & rebounding well, Hucclecote began to claw back the deficit.

Both shooters converted well, Rachel Price 9/15 & particularly Jordan Szmidt 29/32 in her first Premier match, but it was not quite enough to close the early 5 goal lead Randwick had established.

Error rate through the mid court was disappointing, but at least they managed to close to 2 goals, so picking up the extra point.

Squad; Jordan Szmidt, Rachel Price, Kat Honetwill, Katie Lyons, Kim Locklin, Millie Mather & Charlie Willis.


Shooting stats; Price 9/15  - 60%      Szmidt 29/32  - 91%


Player of the match - Jordan Szmidt