Old Chelts strategy of playing down their A team shooters to try & secure a win for their B team, backfired as Lightning took all 5 points in this game.

Chelts held a slight advantage during the first half, mainly through the shooting accuracy of their shooters. Millie Mather & Katie Noonan worked tirelessly to close them down & during the 2nd half their pressure began to force errors & missed shots.

At 3/4 time, with scores level, Lightning began to take control & with Rachel Price beginning to find her range netting 19/22, they took the lead for the first time.

Lightning welcomed back Wendy Burgess, who had been of action since last season & also back in the "red & black" was Kirtsy Trueman who was outstanding at Centre. Her performance gained her player of the match.

Squad; Stella Ben Hania, Rachel Price,, Kat Honeywill, Kirsty Trueman, Katie Pickles, Katie Noonan, Kim Locklin, Millie Mather, Wendy Burgess. 

Player of the match - Kirsty Trueman

Shooting Stats - Ben Hania 6/7 86%   Price  26/34  77%     Burgess 5/6   83%