Lightning v Cirencester

Lightning went out with 7 this week & started slow in the 1st qtr. only 3 goals up, 2nd qtr they came alive with Maisie netting 7/7, then Rachael netting 8/8 in the 3rd qtr these two qtrs were the turning point of the match, with a great team effort getting over 60 tips & interceptions, the best qtr for lightning was 3rd qtr, netting 16 to Ciren's 5, this was credit to defence team work all down the court, making Ciren error rate in to double figures.

This was a great team effort & thank you for those players playing a different position because of this lightning had a convincing win.

Players of the match Defence unit Millie, Charlie & Kat.


Maisie 77%

Rachael 78%