A slightly disappointing performance by Lightning allowed this game to slip away from them in the 2nd half.

They started strongly, taking an early lead, but were 2 down at half time. A change of tactics by Gloucester, restricted shooter Maisie Simmonds attempts in the 2nd half to only 8 compared to 20 in the first! Lightning found it difficult to adapt to this change which certainly contributed to the result.

As usual Gloucesters GS was dominant, putting up over 40 attempts & although Katie Noonan & Millie Mather worked tirelessly & indeed did turn over a number of balls, they were unable to totally close her down.

Error rate during the final 15 minutes allowed Glos Ladies to edge ahead 9 goals, which was a little disappointing as it was a match that could have been won.

Squad; Maisie Simmonds, Rachael Price, Kim Locklin, Kirsty Trueman, Katie Lyons, Millie Mather & Katie Noonan.

Shooting Stats;  Simmonds  21/26   81%      Price  14/24   58%


Player of the Match - Millie Mather