Lightning only had 7 players available this week but that did not stop them from winning another match. Kathryn Honeywill stepped up to the shooting circle again netting 68% of shots. The first combination of Honeywill in GA and Rachael Price in GS did not work as expected but a switch after the first quarter made a much better combination.

Lydia Burgess stepped up from Storm at the last minute, and had a great game at WA, working well with Sarah Amey and both feeding the circle well. 

The defence unit of Katie Noonan, Millie Mather and Charlie Willis took many interceptions and turnovers and although the attack did not convert all of these it certainly contributed to the 35 - 29 win.

Team: Kat Honeywill, Rachael Price, Lydia Burgess, Sarah Amey, Katie Noonan, Millie Mather, Charlie Willis

Kat Honeywill 17/25 68%        Rachael Price 18/40 45%

Player of the match - Lydia Burgess