This was a closely contested match throughout with never more than 4 or 5 goals separating the teams.

Nomads took the initiative in the first quarter opening up a 4 goal lead, mainly through the accuracy of both their shooters. Storms shooting partnership of Robyn Simmonds & Stella Ben Hania took time to settle, but by half time began to work the circle & convert opportunities provided by Gemma Lott & Phillipa Lord. These two mid court players worked tirelessly to get the ball through court against very tight, physical marking by Nomads.

At the other end, Circle defenders Kay Daszewski & Harri Caple took until the 2nd half to get the better of Nomads shooters who were extremely accurate when they did get the ball. Supported by Lydia Burgess at WD, all 3 made vital interceptions & tips which turned the game in Storms favour. Wendy Burgess coming on at GA for the 2nd half, joined Simmonds in the circle who began netting with her usual accuracy ( 12/13) in the final quarter.

With scores level going into the final 15 mins, it was a determined Storm, who once had edged into a slim lead, refused to give it up!

This was a throughly deserved victory, which was hard fought throughout. A great squad effort!

Squad; Robyn Simmonds, Stella Ben Hania, Gemma Lott, Philippa Lord, Lydia Burgess, Harri Caple, Kay Daszewski & Wendy Burgess.

Shooting Stats - Simmonds 33/45   73%   Ben Hania  6/8   75%      Burgess   4/6   67%

Player of the Match - Harri Caple