This match was rearranged and played on Wednesday 26th March

A disappointing end to the season for Storm as they lost by the odd goal.  Late unavailability and withdrawals from the team saw Eve and Tanya step in to help the team out.  It was a tight, physical game, with Storm always seeming to be one behind in the scoring, and some frustrating umpiring calls, which have become a developing theme towards the tail end of the season, made it feel that it wasn't going to be the team's night.  The defensive pair of Sharon (GD) and Tash (GK) put in a committed performance against some accurate shooters.  Mary at C displayed her usual levels of determination and work-rate as she carved out shooting chances with some good inter-play in the attacking third.  Eve at WA showed her experience in supporting Lily and Iona in the shooting circle, who dealt with everything that was literally thrown at them; under the circumstances they both shot well.  Tanya was rightly given player of the match for her all-round contribution at WD, with some excellent positional play and distribution.

Thanks to Eve and Tanya for helping the team to fufil the fixture and make a game of it.