Hucclecote B 56 Pinehurst 41

Hucclecote B was fired up for a win this week against third in the league Pinehurst. We started strong showing patience in attack. Some great drives into the circle from Milly Price left the opposition defence trailing behind. Impressive defensive work on and off the ball from Becky Deo allowed Hucclecote to steal possession taking them up by 2 goals. End of quarter score was a close 11 9 to Hucclecote.

For the second quarter Hucclecote got into their stride quickly. Issy Dunsford at C showed excellent strength at the defending end making life difficult for Pinehurst. Tight marking and pressure on the pass created turnover opportunities which Beckie Campbell (GK) and Hayley Neate (GD) took advantage of. Score after 2nd 15 mins 25 18 to Hucclecote.

For the 3rd quarter Lucy Werrell came on at WD for B Deoand Sarah Llewelyn took the GA bib from M Price. However Pinehurst had stepped up and gear and surged ahead to score 5 quick goals with no response from Hucclecote. Caught on the back foot Hucclecote took a while to respond. Fast linking balls between Kate Nicholls WA and Issy enabled the ball to work into the circle finding Kellie Hull, GS, who had adapted her game to hold her space, using her height advantage over a much shorter opponent.  The end of Q score 38 30 to Hucclecote.

Entering the final 15 minutes Hucclecote continued to surge ahead. Determination from Beckie Campbell saw her tip and intercept lifted balls that were coming in for the Pinehurst GS. Her improved composure was noted as all her turnovers were offloaded effectively enabling the ball to move quickly through court. Sarah's consistent shooting saw her net an impressive 18/19 shots aiding Hucclecote secure another great win. Final score 56 41 to Cote 

Squad: K Hull, M Price, K Nicholls (C), I Dunsford, R Deo, H Neate, R Campbell, S Llewelyn, L Werrell


Shooting Stats:

Kellie Hull 28/35 = 80%

Milly Price 9/14 = 64%

Sarah Llewelyn 18/19 = 95%


Total shots 55/68 = 81%


Players Player: Issy Dunsford