Due to unavailability a different line up of players headed down to North Moulton to take on Carol Anne who were two below us in the league standings.

The first quarter saw Carol Anne come out strong; having lost by 2 goals on our last meeting it was clear they wanted revenge.  Attack worked tirelessly getting the ball into Kellie Hull and Millie Price who shot well 3/3 & 4/5 respectively. With tall defence Hucclecote at times lost possession through lifted balls that were picked off by Carole Anne.  At the end of Q1 we trailed 7 13 not a position the girls were used tobeing in.

The 2nd Q was a case of keeping composure and turning ball to close the gap. When our shooters got the ball the goals were going in but the dominant Carole Anne circle were making it tough. Down the other end their GS had the height advantage and made full use of it. Beckie Campbell worked hard but well placed balls enabled the shooter to convert netting 9/10 shots. Some questionable footwork decisions against Hucclecote enabled Carole Anne to extend their lead by 10 goals.

Half time changes saw Betsy Willey take the GA bib and enter the circle with Kellie Hull who remained at GS. Millie Price took to the wing.  Through court play worked well for Hucclecote with fast drives through court from Nicholls and quick release only to be stilted by the circle defence.

In the final 15 minutes we needed to close the gap and make up our goal deficit. Hull moved into GK in an attempt to close down the effectiveness of their tall GS. Price, Willey &Banyard worked together well in the shooting end showing great vision ad movement to open up the circle. In the defensive end marking was tight and interceptions were being made by Campbell, Werrell and Noonan, with 7 turnovers created, all through court.

A good team performance by Hucclecote who were sadly beaten on the day by a more determined team with a definite height advantage. No excuses though as we get back to some focused training sessions looking towards our remaining games. The campaign for promotion is NOT over!

Squad: K. Hull, M. Price, P. Banyard, K Nicholls (C), K. Noonan, L. Werrell, R. Campbell, B. Willey

Shooting: K. Hull 11/13 (84%), M. Price 11/14(78%), B. Willey 9/10 (90%)

Nominated Player: Betsy Willey

Players Player: Shared between: Betsy Willey, Kate Nicholls & Katie Noonan