Hucclecote B 51 v Pinehurst 54

A depleted Hucclecote B travelled to Pinehurst keen to secure an all-important win to keep them within contention of promotion. Due to an absent Kellie Hull (jet setting off to Glasgow for BCS Nationals) Jordan Szmidt made her Regional debut along with youngster Paige Reed on the bench.

The first quarter went goal for goal with both teams' shooters converting nearly every shot.  A tentative Szmidt soon shook off her first game nerves and began to take some impressive aerial balls accurately delivered by Taryn Lawrence and Kate Nicholls in attack. 13 out of Hucclecote's 16 shots were converted. However even these impressive stats weren't enough to take the lead. At the whistle Pinehurst had edged ahead by 1 goal.

The second quarter saw Lucy Werrell take the GD bib with Hayley Neate coming out to WD. Katharine Chadwick was going to work well on a holding, physical shooter. As the main goal scorer, Werrell and Chadwick worked well to double mark her however her accurate shot was difficult to shut down and she netted 9/9. Turnovers were created by Hucclecote but not always converted. At half time it was all square at 30 apiece.

Half time changes saw Rebecca Deo come on at WD with the rest of our line up staying the same. Great physicality by Werrell saw her dominate her GA. More turnovers by defence were taken swiftly through court to shooting combo Szmidt and Price. Relentless work my GA Price saw her work the ball well into the circle and create opportunities for her partner. Both shooters shot brilliantly to take Hucclecote into the lead by 4 goals. 44 - 40

For the final 15, Hucclecote just needed to keep their centre pass and maintain possession through sensible netball. Perhaps catching Cote on the back foot, Pinehurst came out quickly scoring 3 quick goals on succession. They were back in the game and looked hungry for the win. When the ball got to our shooters they maintained composure and converted all but 2 shots. However 8 unforced errors gave the home side the advantage and they relied on their drilled style of play to feed into their shooter who converted 7/7.

A disappointing result for Hucclecote B, who now have to win their remaining games to keep on track for RL1 playoffs.

Squad: K Chadwick, H Neate, L Werrell, K Nicholls (C), T Lawrence, M Price, J Szmidt, R Deo, P Reed.

Shooting Stats: J Szmidt: 28/37 = 76%, M Price 23/30 = 76%

Nominated Player: Kate Nicholls

Player's player: Jordan Szmidt