Match report Hucclecote versus Oaksway 13th October 2013




Sam Perry

Jack Gabriel

Katherine Chadwick

Lauren Brookes

Kerry Walsh

Sarah Adams

Laura Smith

Neala Brennan

Rosie Allison

Hannah Jeavons

Gemma Gray

Paige Reed



The game had an unsettled start but the girls managed to collect themselves and and stabilize their performance, Rosie Allison took control of the attacking circle.

The goal shooter for Oaksway made us pay for any unforced errors.


Valuable turn overs were made by Jack Gabriel, Laura and Neala linked well through the mid court with the defense and Hannah played a well controlled game at GA, managing 100% shooting stats in the first half of the game. We had a narrow advantage at half time 26-23.

At half time Lauren moved to centre, Jack to WD and Katherine ChadwIck to GD.

These changes and full commitment from the attacking players applied repeated pressure on Oaksway's attack who uncharacteristically made errors which we converted, this reduced Oaksway's shooting opportunities from 14 per quarter to 8,  The amount of  defensive pressure applied throughout the whole court was impressive. The score going into the final quarter was


The start of the final quarter saw Laura return to centre, the start of the quarter was again a little frantic but composure was regained and the shooters converted our possession cleanly.

Thank you to all of the players, Sue, Gilly, Barbara, Andy Brennan, Andy Hockley and Keith for all your help. Thank you to all the supporters (we had to have extra chairs to accommodate all our supporters) and in particular two young ladies who had travelled all the way from cornwall.


Final score  57 37 to Hucclecote


Player of the match Jack Gabriel


Overall shooting stats 83.8%