Hucclecote versus Blades November 3rd 2013
A tough day at the office.
Jack Gabriel, Sam Perry, Kerry Walsh, Laura Smith
Sarah Adams, Neala Brennan, Hannah Jeavons
Michelle Dowle, Jamilla Abbott, Katherine Chadwick
Hucclecote made a good start against Blades despite be depleted of many players from our original premier squad, due to injury and illness.  We  took an early lead 5-1 in the first 5 minutes of the match. However despite not having won a single game so far this season Blades regained their composure and pressed us hard and we made multiple errors which were punished by precision shooting by blades GS and GA. Early changes were made to the centre court, and Katherine Chadwick came on to GD.
Blades had a storming second quarter and we struggled to feed our GS. Sam Perry had a good quarter working tirelessly and secured important rebounds and interceptions.
Kerry Walsh had an outstanding quarter at centre.
Further changes were made at half time with Sarah Adams and Michelle Dowle taking the court. They brought a calming influence and we slowed Blades scoring rate. Blades defensive performance was impressive and relentless but we made a break through in the final quarter when Jamilla Abbott came back on court with Michelle Dowle at GA.
We won the final quarter but our recovery was too little too late and Blades achieved their first win and we experienced our first home loss.
Despite our disappointment we will recover and come back stronger.
Overall shooting stats 68%
Player of the match Kerry Walsh